Friday, October 30, 2009

200 meter static

I've been working on my monofin technique by swimming >1km underwater almost every training. Also the local finswimmers club is kind enough to show me every friday-evening what stamina real finswimmers are made of.

What I did not train much were longer dives. I should be able at this point to improve my personal best. So last month I promised someone (+myself) that I would go over 158 meters before the end of the month (one day to go, not going to happen) and do 175 before the end of the year. That first part did not work because what I train during all those 50-100 meter training dives is not the same technique I enjoy most with max attempts. During training I try to make many strokes with good technique, during max. attempts I try to make as little strokes as possible without loosing too much speed or relaxation. This means that during longer dives I am fighting a battle between what I think is right and what feels right for me at this time. The end result is lesser technique because I don't keep my legs straight and not feeling relaxed either. The video below is a good example of what might happen... (the microphone of my camera is broken causing a lot a white noise)

After this there were a couple more attempts that were even less successful. pfff... what now? I don't know, perhaps I should have called it a day. I did have the good feeling of seeing Daan swim a personal best of 166 meter so the 1 hour drive both ways was well worth it anyway. But instead I swam a lot of lanes with difference styles... Continues kicks, kick+glide, kick-kick-glide, armstroke-kick-kick-glide and the one I liked most armstroke-3xkick-glide. I know some people will frown upon this but to my surprise more and more people say they think it will suit me very well.

One day later I was doing some drywalks (apnea walks) and realized I could try to visualize my dynamic dives. Because when I visualize something it's easy to play a video of some idyllic peaceful beach with blue water where seagulls fly. It is also possible to visualize my dynamic dive but when I get to the hard part of the dive I have to tell myself that it's going to be hard and that I do a turn, glide, stroke, etc.. It all gets a bit mental and then I don't feel it anymore. But when I vizualize while doing an apnea walk or an empty lung static things get much more realistic and hence a better training. And the great thing is my turns can be perfect, my glides as short or as long as I want, whatever is needed to fit a 200 meter dynamic in the duration of a breathhold.

Later that day I swam 128 meter with one armstroke and three kicks per 25 meter lane, a nice swim!


  1. Brilliant video. Simply magnificent camera-work. Un-be-lie-va-fuckin'-ble.

    Just keep working on it, Mr. von Reet Pape; i'm sure you'll get over the hump when you want to.

  2. Good read and I like your way of experimenting with the different sequences of arm-strokes, glides and kicks. Once you find the right sequence - doesn't matter how complex - things will faal into place.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. You will definately be the first to do a 200m "static" ;-) ;-)