Saturday, November 7, 2009

Focus on relaxation

Last wednesday I tried to find a relaxed state of mind by doing the kind of visualization that I talk about in my previous post. I have so far not done a real max dive with my monofin. The reason is that I can seldom find a way to pass the hard middle part of the dive. So I stopped the no-warmup, no-breathup preperation with the goal to do a max dive not too long from today. When that is behind me I will first abandon my (short) breathup again and then the empty lung statics I now do as warmup.

Note that I'm not wearing my new BlueSeventy Nero Comp suit because the water is only 26C which is too cold for me to relax in without some neoprene (Orca Apex2 in this case).

The relaxation worked great and I came up when the dive started to become harder. This gave me confidence on which I want to build in the coming weeks. It must have been one of my most relaxed dives over 100 meter. Here's the video, see for yourself..

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