Monday, March 2, 2009

Mental training

I've been too busy to post here with doing as little as possible, so now it's time for an update. 

I already wrote I went to a Tsa Lung workshop to pick up some relaxation and breathing techniques. Well, I did... and I didn't... I really don't know if I picked up anything useful. It was good to sit there and focus on the teachers sometimes incomprehensible english. I guess I expected more exercises and some more explanation about them. Anyway, it was the beginning of more mental training which is now slowly taking over from my days in the fitness factory.

Some days later Jouke, a training buddy, and I visited a local meditation afternoon crash course that was teached by Annet Polman at YogaMoves. This was one afternoon well spent I would say. Not too heavy material, quite useful, very down to earth (mostly :-)) It felt like a refreshment course which I apparently needed. A funny incident was that there was this beautiful brown eyed girl sitting next to me. During the break she told us that she was in love with the water. This started with her seeing The Big Blue where she also fell in love (big theme with her perhaps?) with the main actor. So I asked her - "the macho or the softy?" - the softy she told us. Mr. macho (soon to be married) Jouke, former european grappling champion was very very quiet after that :-). Thank you, whatever your name is!

Ehhmmm, I think I got distracted there for a minute. Where was I? Right! Mental... I did some more yoga sessions where I could stay in the moment better each time. I've not done any (near) personal bests lately but the fun and excitement is definitely back! 

(picture by don.mihai)


  1. Yes....there is a God even for softies!!! But you having a beautifull wife and me having a beautifull girlfriend, we already knew that!!!


  2. good to hear the fun is back :) for me thats the point any ways.

  3. Guys/girls thank you for all your replies. It feels really nice to see that this gets actually read! Please note that below the comment text there is a 'Comment as' dropdown where you can leave your name/url if you like.