Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nightdive at Kreidesee (Hemmoor, Germany)

Before the worldchampionship indoor freediving started my family and I spend our holiday in Germany and Denmark. My daughter and I were snorkeling a lot. One of the hilights surely must have been this nightdive under a full moon.

Briefing while walking

Get Ready...



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  1. Hi Eric, It's absolutely a highlight, looking cool (your daughter offcourse)!!!

    On of my highlights of the wc09 was being there with my kids, another one was seeing you relax with your family and friends,writing down what's it all about: "Gewoon zwemmen", having a nice family dinner, drinking one glas of red wine! (lot's of antioxidants, haha), a good conversation, and swimming 158 meters underwater,breaking another dutch national record, and then reading your blog that your peronal highlight is (just) swimming with your daughter!! yep distance is irrelevant, thanks for this wise lesson!! Danny

    Mastering others is strenght, mastering yourself makes you fearless (Lao Tzu)