Monday, January 19, 2009

Training this week

Sunday (getting back in the saddle)
  • 20 minutes small fins monofin training
  • 30 minutes CO2 training (drywalk with pyramidical recovery) using my iPhone program 'Single Breath'. 33x 48 second holds with, 6x12 seconds, 7x8 seconds, 7x4 seconds, 7x8 seconds, 6x12 seconds recovery.
Monday (diverse)
  • 30 minutes O2 training
  • 40 minutes cardio fitness
  • 20 minutes weight (in apnea)
Tuesday (good lesson, hard training)
  • 1 hour ice skating
  • 2 hours pool static (too little sleep and too much muscle pain)
  • 1 hour monofin training (could hardly do 50 meters :-) )
Wednesday (rest)
Thursday (this feels so good)

  • O2 training
  • dry empty lung statics
  • 60 meter bottom (pool) crawling in 4:13. Yeah, crossed the 4 minutes with ease. Interesting - I didn't know it could be this easy. Took more CO2 with me than usual. Great confidence-builder for when I start taking this much CO2 with me on my monofin dynamics.
  • monofin technique training (no fins, long fins, ultra soft oldskool monofin)
  • 18 minutes one-breath CO2 table (pool) this was supposed to be 30 minutes but time did not permit. I have not done this CO2 table since Dutch Apnea Open so I started a little easier than I used to. (2x1:52, 3x2:03, 3x2:15, 1x2:03). Next time I would like to do 2x2:00, 3x2:10, 3x2:20, 3x2:10, 2x2:00.
Friday (cardio)
  • 1 hour


  1. Looks like a great training week for you!! Although the Ice skating and afterwards training must have been hard :)

    PS. When you would go bottom crawling at -5m (tongelreep) for such a long time, wouldn't that pose a problem like shallow water blackout? what is your thought about this?

  2. Hi Sanne!

    I would think so yes! That is why I usually start at the deep end and stop after 25 meters in the shallow part where my safety is also able to stand. So yesterday I started in the shallow end and stopped before the pool would drop of to 3.6 meters. So basically for me it was like regular swimming depth, at least when it mattered. When you have such a beautiful -5m pool as at Tongelreep I think this might become an actual problem.

  3. A great crawling performance after your little tuesday "dip"!!! Keep on the good confidence builders!!!


  4. Hi, sounds like a good training schedule you have :) wish i had the time (and the motivation) for such a schedule. Can you please explain a bit about the exercise you mentioned ?

    33x 48 second holds with, 6x12 seconds, 7x8 seconds, 7x4 seconds, 7x8 seconds, 6x12 seconds recovery.

    dose it mean that you did 33 short breath holds ? do you keep walking the whole time ? also what is that single breath app ?


  5. Hi Erdooom,

    You are correct, it's 33 short holds with the shortest recovery time in the middle of the training. I keep walking at relaxing pace, I computed the speed the other day and it's probably around 4km/h.

    Single Breath is an open source (MIT licensed) program for the iPhone and iTouch. The code is hosted on . I worked on it for a while in 2008 up to the point where I can use it for my freedive training. There are plans to provide more functionality but I don't seem to be motivated enough at the moment to do that myself. :-)

  6. cool! thanks for the info, i'll try this kind of session out when i get a chance :)