Friday, January 16, 2009

Fitness torture


The last couple of days I was not feeling 100% but I did manage to squeeze in an hour of yoga, a monofin clinic by Enker, some dry empty lung statics and two fitness sessions.

The later were interesting because I started working on my legs, back and abdominal muscles. I had never done that in my life but I think it will help my monofin technique. It's hard work which I did not do too much of these times, but I (kind of) liked it and am curious if it will actually help.

On the bicycle and glide machines I was doing about 65% whilst holding my breath (30 sec. apnea, 15 sec. breathing). I took the intensity down a notch or two because this feels so much harder than regular cardio fitness. My heartrate normally goes up to 160-165 but while doing this it stayed around 110-115. This should train the muscles in my legs to perform much better in anearobic situations like depth diving or the part of a dynamic swim after the dive reflex fully kicked in. I must admit I have no clue if it will improve my cardiovascular system as much or maybe even more compared to regular exercises.

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  1. Good stuff Eric! These apnea exercises are indeed extra hard as opposed to normal cardio, but they will help you just like the dry-walks.