Sunday, December 28, 2008

Setting up basecamp for dynamic with monofin

When I started freediving about two years ago my main interest was in static. I made quick progress in that area and it was easy to train during daytime. After that I shortly tried dynamic with bifins with which I did 120 meters in competition. Looking back I'm actualy quite happy with that result given that I never got a good feeling for it. Static felt so much more relaxing that I always was a bit reluctant when puting on my fins.

Then came swimming without fins (DNF) which, when done the way I like it, resembles static. Good weighting, long glides and few strokes make this almost as much a mental game as static freediving. Last month I did 153 meter which is enough for now. I still need to let that distance sink in so that I can honestly say: '150 meter? Sure, I can do that!'. At the moment it still feels like something from a dream. :-)

So time for something new...

And the next goal will be to improve my technique with the monofin. Ofcourse I have given monofining a good try from time to time but never before did it receive my full focus. The best (distance/relaxation wise) was this 150 or so meters during training...

There is a lot to be said about my technique or lack thereof but that is for future posts. I call this basecamp because I will work on improving from here on!

My plan/wish/dream is to do 200 meters, preferably in competition but that is of secondary importance. Next august Denmark will be hosting the indoor freediving world championships in which I hope to participate. It'll be interesting to see what can be done in these eight months.

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