Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost a first record

During the 12th long night of apnea in Berlin 'my' dutch national record in dynamic freediving (158 meter) was broken by Daan Verhoeven with a 169 meter dive. It felt a bit strange but a bit to my surprise I did not feel the immediate desire to get it back within the hour. I mean - I did a good attempt in doing so but I just seemed to not have the drive that Daan showed the last couple of weeks. So congratulations to him and I am very happy that stepping away from competitions for a year followed by hard training rekindled his love for competition.

Daan put a video of his record dive online here.

My dive was a bit more messy than I anticipated and there were a few occasions that I wanted to abort but somehow made the turn at 125 with the 'plan' to come up short after. However, in a split second I realised I promised Kerian Hibbs to do four more kicks when I wanted to surface. So I did and that made a grand total at 141 meter.

You lose some, you win some...

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