Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First small no-warmup frc static success and no-goggles dynamic.

Yesterday in the pool I did a frc static of 4:02 with no warmup. This was the first time the no-warmup felt like a success. I had a good fight-phase and my safety told me I had no visible hypoxic signs at all.

On one of the other holds I improved my pool personal best to 4:18 where I found the surfacing a bit so-so but again my buddy told me that after one breath I looked fully recovered. During these other frc holds I noticed that I got progressively more relaxed when the contraction came. During the initial hold they were quite violent.


After the 2 hour static of which about 1 hour was spend socializing we went to the other area where we do our dynamic training. Here I did my monofin training with short fins and a couple of 50+ meters no-fins, no-noseclip, no-goggles dynamics. These were just to get a feeling for it. I've done dynamics without a noseclip (but with goggles) in the past and in general liked them. The problem was that I lost some relaxation because water enters my nose and I have the urge for blowing out some bubbles. Swimming without goggles I have done very little, but since I do my TLC statics also without goggles I fear the stinging pool water less now. I was afraid for bad turns but that was no problem. Keeping the correct depth was a bigger problem but maybe with some practice that will improve. There is also the problem that at the end of the swim there is one less sensor to indicate hypoxy but that need not be a problem when I keep listening to my body. The dive reflex kicked in early - contractions start early at about 10-20 meters but this will be later once I relax a bit more.

If all goes well I want see how this goes during a small competition beginning of june.

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  1. Experimenting with empty lung statics myself at the moment Eric, 1min 40sec is my best so far but i do notice a large heart rate drop (44bpm) I do feel like they prepair me much better for my max attempts though....