Saturday, March 28, 2009

Competition in Namur (Belgium)

On March 29th 2009 a small and friendly competition will be attended by about 8 Dutchmen. I will try to give updates here during the competition.

Some of us feel our bodies fight upcoming cold and other nasty stuff. Let's just hope we win at least that battle!

Going great here. Most faces look happy. Mine for sure because I did a great 8:01 nr static. I was looking up to dynamic but even though it went okay at first I could not find the motivation to resist the first big urge to service. Because I announced high I got massive penalties and now have to fight for third place. Nanja ranks first right now and she should be able to keep that.

The competition is over now.

Igor Migunov came first with the men and Nanja van den Broek with the women!

Many personal bests were improved, many happy faces all around for all kind of different reasons. Laura and Pauline did especially well!

I messed up both my dynamic and my no-fins. I should have done better there, but I didn't, and that's okay too! My mental and physical limits were reached that day.

Thank you Daan Verhoeven for being my safety yesterday and it's an honour to be the first one you coached over eight minutes.

I will do another post later with details about the static.


  1. congrats eric what a great new dutch record!

    see you in training

    mark keijzers

  2. Congrats! Most of us are already happy if they manage to get up to half of your times :)

    What did all the other OVH peeps do in terms of times/distances?

  3. I have taken some pictures of the final result and will post than later this evening after 'training'/party.

  4. Congratiolations my friend!! Some dim sum to celebrate this new national record, or a happy dive at zandeiland 4 next friday, or both!


  5. Let's do both! :-) Shall we go to that Dim Sum place in Amsterdam you are talking about for a long time already?

  6. Well done Eric, great result my friend!

  7. Thanks Chris. And also your support was much appreciated!