Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crazy table

Yesterday I did 7:05 on a Crazy table, which is a challenge I set myself  over half a year ago.

For an explanation about this type of table you can have a look at this thread on the deeperblue forum. As you can read, Herbert Nitsch takes a sip of air every 15 seconds, I take a sip of air whenever I feel I need one. I'm not sure if this makes any real difference. (note: Herbert seems to do 8 minutes, hmmm - work to be done (by me ;-))

I have not done this training very often, some of my previous results can be seen below... So far I did not enjoy doing this in the pool because of all the head-lifting that is required when breathing in.

What I like about this is that it starts with some 'hardcore' low O2 tolerance training when you repeat the initial holds more often, followed by a very long period of contractions which makes this an excellent mental training. CO2 training is mostly a mental excercise anyway! 


5 minutes: ujjayi breathing (2-3 breaths per minute)
2 minutes: tidal breathing
sub maximum inhale
full exhale
max hold

The final hold is not done to the max. At some point I can take a little air in. This process is repeated many times until I have full lungs and fully packed. At this point I keep holding my breath as long as I can.

5/5/2008 (dry) 4:00
9/5/2008 (dry) 5:52 (no looking at the clock), contractions starting at 1:00 
challenge myself to do over 7 minutes!
15/5/2008 (warm pool water) 5:05
3/2/2009 (dry)
exhale hold #1 - 1:44,
exhale hold #2 - 2:22
hold #3              - 7:05 new personal best! (contractions starting at 1:30)

be safe - have fun!

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